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Specialist physician (m/f/d)

Top job offers for specialist physicians

Specialist physicians: building a career in hospitals or the industrial sector

Specialist physicians either can treat patients in specialised medical practices or hospitals or they can work as medical scientists in the private sector and be involved in exciting projects in research departments. You have just completed your specialised training? Hays will help you find your dream job!

Which opportunities do specialist physicians have on the labour market?

Specialist physicians generally have good opportunities on the labour market and can enter the healthcare sector quickly. Depending on the field of expertise, the shortage of skilled physicians is very pronounced. Physicians specialising in hygiene or environment have particularly good prospects. General practitioners and physicians working in the areas of surgery, psychiatry, neurology, ophthalmology, cardiology or urology face good opportunities as well. Contact us – we will be happy to support you!

What are the tasks and responsibilities of specialist physicians?

The range of tasks of specialist physicians depends on their individual field of expertise and position. After having completed their specialised medical training, they are qualified to take care for patients in hospitals or practices, which also includes diagnoses and treatments, as well as for administrative activities. For senior physicians, staff management also belongs to the range of key tasks. In research positions, specialist physicians must prepare project applications and manage projects.

  • Advising patients and preventive work
  • Diagnosis/anamnesis
  • Treatment/therapy
  • Medical interventions
  • Research and teaching activities
  • Execution of medical tests
  • Administrative tasks
  • Staff management

Which hard skills and soft skills should specialist physicians have?

Specialist physicians must have specialised knowledge in the relevant field of expertise. They should be familiar with the related technological developments, techniques and topics of current interest. Specialist physicians who deal with patients or children should definitely possess empathy and act carefully. Working in a research position additionally requires being fluent in English.

  • Specialised knowledge
  • Organisational skills/self-management skills
  • Reliability
  • Staff management skills
  • Team spirit
  • A sense of responsibility and discretion

What is the average salary of specialist physicians?

The salary of specialist physicians depends on their industry, personal qualifications and experience. The average starting salary of assistant physicians is about EUR 65,000 per year. Chief physicians may even earn more than EUR 200,000. The salary also depends on the field of expertise – radiologists earn more than anaesthetists, for example. In the industrial sector and in the area of pharmacology, the salaries vary depending on the position. Is your salary appropriate? Find out by using our tool for salary comparison.

Hays supports your career as a specialist physician

You have just completed your specialised training? Hays will help you get your career on track. We will also be happy to support you with your next career step if you are an experienced specialist. You will benefit from our broad range of clients, which also includes hospitals and private companies. We place specialists in permanent positions or as locums. Find out more about our offer for applicants!

Relevant contract types

  • Permanent employment
  • Contracting/freelance work
  • Temporary employment
  • Workforce management

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