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What is an interim manager?

The term interim manager refers to an external specialist who is temporarily employed by a company to oversee the implementation of a project. The corresponding German term is "Management auf Zeit." In most instances these are freelancers on short-term engagements who ensure the quick and successful implementation of projects or who handle particular specialist activities. Frequently, an interim manager not only has particular expertise in the given industry, but can also quickly offer the company effective, efficient management solutions.

The benefits of using an external manager

There are numerous advantages to using external managers. Interim managers usually have industry-relevant expertise and can contribute new perspectives or leverage their existing networks. In many instances they help companies compensate for personnel shortages or temporary bottlenecks. Also, they often bring with them crucial experience from previous projects that allows them to find solutions in a timely manner. However, it is often difficult for companies to find the right expert when working under tight time constraints.

What skills must an interim manager possess?

In addition to having the appropriate knowledge, being willing to get involved in special projects in a relatively short period of time is decisive for successful interim management. As a rule, interim managers bear a great deal of responsibility for the success of their work, which of course also has an impact on their ability to find future work. In addition to having demonstrable project experience, interim managers must also have the ability to adapt quickly to new situations. They must also be very flexible with regard to project locations.

Find your job in interim management

It can also be difficult for interim managers to find the right interface to companies, because of the highly specialised work they perform. A major aspect of interim management is that people working in this field constantly find themselves in a temporary employment relationship. It is therefore important to always plan your next project in advance, before your current job comes to an end.