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The German construction industry has been growing continuously for several years. The need for further housing in cities, structural and demographic change, changing lifestyles and mobility habits as well as migration are some of the factors that are contributing to new projects in the construction industry. At the same time, digitalisation is enabling the implementation of innovative solutions such as 3D printing or building information modelling and the digital recording of all the services performed as part of a construction project. Demographic and technological trends present new opportunities, but at the same time place new demands on existing business models. The construction industry relies on the talents and skills of a variety of individuals to be able to build on the successes of recent years. Hays has the expertise with which companies in the construction industry can keep ahead of the competition.

Hays – Recruitment Services for the Construction Industry

Hays has been a well-known recruitment services provider for 15 years and not just in Germany; worldwide we are represented in more than 30 countries at 250 locations. So our strength is both regional and global. We know your area and associated particular requirements, but at the same time can propose solutions based on our international network of business contacts. Plus, at Hays we don't wait until you have an acute need. We recruit proactively, because our industry specialists monitor the markets and anticipate developments before they happen. This means we have the right personnel for you – even before you enquire with us about them.

Thanks to our special recruitment process and personal conversations with companies and candidates, we are able to match your requirements with the right candidate profiles. Hays will provide you with the professionals you need for the jobs where they are needed – and with a contractual solution that suits all stakeholders.

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Challenges for the cities of tomorrow

Population growth and demographic change, altered infrastructure requirements and new, sometimes disruptive technologies not only open up a wide range of opportunities for the construction industry, but also pose challenges that can only be met through interaction between the construction industry, urban planners and architects, construction technology and equipment. An increasingly urban and at the same time ageing society places more individual and sometimes highly complex demands on housing and mobility. At the same time, the industry is facing difficulties such as a scarcity of resources and a desire for greater sustainability in all areas. Intelligent facilities offer solutions that are bringing digital transformation, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 within reach, so implementing a vision of the cities of the future requires the appropriate expertise. At Hays, you'll find specialists for all stages of work, no matter how ambitious your projects may be. Find out more about what we can offer you and benefit from our experience!

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