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When we talk about the implementation of sophisticated technological concepts such as Industry 4.0, the telecommunications industry plays a key role for the entire German economy. Telecommunications makes it possible to provide the data highways with which a digital society communicates, manages, retrieves and analyses information, and intelligently networks entire industries. Telecommunications companies will play a decisive role in shaping technological change. Digital transformation would be unimaginable without telecommunications; at the same time, the telecommunications industry must also change its own business models. Success is particularly relevant in this case, as the industry has consistently shown stable growth and a high volume of employment.

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As a recruitment services provider with a focus on highly qualified specialists, experts and management executives, Hays has been a household name for 15 years. Our company is represented not only in Germany, but also in a total of 33 countries worldwide. In 250 Hays offices, our recruiting experts monitor regional and international markets to identify and fully exploit trends as early as possible. For you and your company, this means you benefit from a network that is as strong and active in your local area as it is in a global context. Thanks to our proactive recruitment strategy, Hays gives you the assurance that we can meet your company's needs for changing markets and changing customer behaviours now and in the future. We use a proven recruitment process that is continuously reviewed and optimised.

One of the recruitment strengths at Hays is our reliance on the personal interviews we conduct with companies and candidates. We're not interested in just certificates and qualifications – we want to get a comprehensive idea of the personality of our candidates and your company's job requirements. We are therefore proud to be able to fill the most demanding positions with excellent candidates.

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Top Trends in the Telecommunications Industry

The requirements placed on end devices, technologies and services are changing based on the increasing potential of data-based services. End customer usage of telecommunications services is subject to rapid change whereby the customer's demands for comfort, security and technical feasibility are all intertwined.

For companies in the telecommunications industry, this means coming up with a new definition of both their own role and their interaction with other industries. Changing business models and a trend toward on-demand offerings, driven by over-the-top players like iTunes, will bring about changes in both service delivery and fee structures. Also, a strong expansion of fibre optic-based telecommunications structures, a shift from ISDN to VoIP and an increase in cloud-based solutions and intelligent devices known as "The Internet of Things" can be expected. What is certain is that telecommunications reflects, to a particularly high degree, the challenges and opportunities presented by digitisation.

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