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Medical writers: describing drugs in a comprehensible way

Medical writers have an important job: they describe how drugs work, summarise research results and explain risks and side effects of medical preparations. Thus, medical writers require excellent writing skills and in-depth medical knowledge.

Which opportunities do medical writers have on the labour market?

Medical writers can work at all companies producing and launching drugs. As medical writers are language experts specialised in the pharmaceutical industry, which is particularly strong in Germany, they have excellent career prospects in the private sector.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of medical writers?

To obtain an approval for a drug, an easily understandable letter to the responsible approving authority is required. This is when medical writers come into play. They translate raw data into meaningful tables and graphics and explain complex scientific topics in a comprehensible way. Medical writers clearly demonstrate both the benefits and side effects of drugs.

  • Writing
  • Preparation of tables and graphics
  • Explanation
  • Communication with authorities

Which hard skills and soft skills should medical writers have?

Medical writers primarily work alone; their communication is mainly based on their finished texts. Medical writers have to meet high requirements: they must possess an interdisciplinary way of thinking and a good medical understanding and must be familiar with the relevant legal requirements regarding the approval of drugs.

  • An understandable writing style
  • Knowledge of relevant legal regulations
  • The ability to interpret statistics
  • Good translation skills
  • Basic knowledge of medicine
  • A strong willingness to learn
  • A quick perception
  • A precise way of working

What is the average salary of medical writers?

Qualified medical writers are highly sought-after, e.g. by pharmaceutical companies or organisations operating in the biotechnology industry. Their starting salary amounts to between EUR 3,000 and EUR 3,500 per month. Depending on their professional experience, their annual salary may rise to between EUR 50,000 and EUR 55,000.

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