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Job profile Sustainability Manager (M/F/D

Would you like to make a decisive contribution to the protection of our planet and promote sustainable business? Then the profession of Sustainability Manager could be just right for you. Today, companies are more dependent than ever on qualified professionals in the field of sustainability management.

As a sustainability manager, you will implement sustainability strategies, promote sustainability awareness within the company and improve corporate identity. Not only do you have a positive impact on the environment, but you also help companies achieve their sustainability goals while remaining profitable in the long term. In this way, you not only work on sustainable transformation, but also create competitive advantages and increase attractiveness for customers, clients and employees.


Sustainability Manager

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Are you looking for a Sustainability Manager job? (m/f/d)

Are you looking for a challenging and meaningful job? Can you convince others of your ideas and are you ready to take on responsibility? Then you've come to the right place as a sustainability manager. Take a look around our job exchange and browse for your new dream job.

Are you looking for a suitable Sustainability Manager? (m/f/d)

You want to put your company on a sustainable course and are looking for experts to support you? With a sustainability manager at your side, you can not only achieve your sustainability goals, but also increase your competitiveness. We help you find the right sustainability manager for your company.

Are you looking for an exciting project as Sustainability Manager? (m/f/d)

Do you have sustainability expertise and would like to work on exciting projects as a Sustainability Manager? Take a look at our project exchange.


Your task is to advise the company on all sustainability issues. You implement sustainable processes and strategies. In your role, you will help ensure that your company not only meets legal requirements, but also makes a valuable contribution to solving global challenges. As a sustainability manager, you form the interface to many areas, such as engineering or finance.

The following tasks are part of the basic work repertoire:

  • Monitor compliance with environmental and social standards,

  • Integrate sustainability goals into business processes,

  • making products and production processes more sustainable,

  • train employees on sustainability issues,

  • prepare sustainability reports (reporting) and

  • Develop and implement sustainability strategies and programmes. 

To be successful as a sustainability manager, you need to master certain key competencies:

  • Understand sustainability standards and practices,

  • industry-specific knowledge,

  • communication skills,

  • project management skills,

  • analytical skills and

  • economic thinking.


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As sustainability managers play a decisive role in the strategic orientation of a company and their work has a significant impact on the profitability and image of the company, their salary is often correspondingly attractive. In Germany, the average annual salary for sustainability managers is between 50,000 and 80,000 euros gross. Depending on professional experience, company size, your industry, location and area of responsibility, your salary may be higher. Given the growing awareness of sustainability issues and the increasing legal requirements in this area, the demand for sustainability management professionals is increasing. Companies are increasingly recognising the need to make their business processes more sustainable and are looking for qualified professionals to help them do so. The career prospects for you as a Sustainability Manager are therefore very good.

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With our innovative recruitment concept "Find & Retain " we bring together the best of both worlds. We use data-based search strategies to find and retain skilled workers. In this way, we create optimal matches between companies and applicants. Are you looking for a Sustainability Manager job? With Hays, you will find a position that matches your requirements. We not only place you with renowned companies, but also advise you personally and determine your preferences together with you. We also offer an excellent service for companies. With our research and data analysis, we find exactly the profile you need. If the candidates' qualifications match your job requirements, we put you in touch with the right professionals. Take advantage of Hays and discover your career opportunities in sustainability management.

How does a career as a sustainability manager succeed?

A career as a sustainability manager often starts with a degree in fields such as environmental science, economics or engineering. A Master's degree in sustainability management or a related subject can be an advantage. In addition, further training in sustainability management, e.g. in sustainable supply chain management or marketing, is valuable to be successful in this profession. With a strong passion for sustainability, you have the most important ingredient for a successful career in sustainability management.


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