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By utilising our expertise in recruiting managers and specialists across all business levels and by providing a variety of employment models, we support our customers in meeting the challenges posed by their markets. This is significant, because regulatory requirements are on the rise and global competition is increasing. Internationally, business processes are rapidly becoming more interwoven and companies must constantly cope with growing demands.

In this sort of environment, an optimally functioning CFO division is now, more than ever, crucial for a successful business. It's not surprising, then, that recruiting the right experts, service providers and managers for a company's finance department is also becoming increasingly more important for businesses.

What type of contract are you interested in?


Do you need specialist support on a temp basis?


Do you need support for your projects?

Permanent employment

Are you looking to additional, permanent support for your finance business?

Your advantages

The starting point for your exact solution is a detailed needs analysis as part of a personal consultation meeting with us. The benefits of working with us are substantial:

  • An international network of acknowledged financial experts
  • Availability at short notice
  • Flexible employment models
  • Vetted skills and qualifications
  • Faster knowledge transfer
  • All administration is conducted electronically, ensuring transparency and reducing process costs.

Experts in the right forms of employment

A large, experienced and well-established partner like Hays will help your business quickly, reliably and cost-effectively find the most appropriate financial experts for your upcoming assignments. This includes:

Hays Finance Contracting fills short-term projects or helps find solutions for demanding, special tasks by supplying companies with experienced freelancers, independent consultants and interim managers.

Hays Finance Permanent offers job-specific personnel consulting services and chooses the most appropriate candidates for permanent employment with our customers.

Hays Finance Temp offers expert, specialised personnel on a temp employment basis.

Our Finance divisions work across all industries for companies of every size and are supported by our central Research & Recruiting Centre in carrying out our candidate searches.

Our customers trust both our market and methodological know-how as well as our specific contacts networks. In 2012 alone over 900 customers commissioned us to carry out 4,000 candidate searches on their behalf. And more and more customers are continuing to use our services. To us, this is an expression of our philosophy of sustainability and long-term collaborative partnerships with our customers and candidates.

Experienced candidates for important tasks

From operational-level personnel, permanent employees and freelance consultants to contracted management positions, many of our experts possess extensive professional experience in industry, the financial sector or from previous experience as consultants and auditors. This also ensures that companies always find the right specialists for their important tasks.

Candidates with specific industry knowledge and experience

Our candidates and freelancers have in-depth and highly sought after expertise that even extends to cross-functional interfaces. These include project management, technical interfaces for IT as well as industry-specific requirements, such as in the banking and insurance industry. Our many years of experience come from filling thousands of projects and vacant positions in operational and administrative business departments.

The right solution is always based on a detailed needs analysis as part of a personal consultation meeting with our customers. This enables them to benefit from the swift availability of financial experts, review of qualifications, flexible employment models and knowledge transfer. Our employees understand our customers' needs because they themselves possess extensive expertise in the business sector, banking, insurance and CFO.

Process administration – digital and scalable

The completely electronic and fully scalable administration of processes from invoicing to SAP integration provided by our back office team ensures transparency and reduces HR costs. With us as their partner, businesses are assured access to individuals with all the professional qualifications required for working in the financial sector - quickly, securely and exactly as required.

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