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The medical technology sector is a growth market not just in Germany, but worldwide as well. This sector is facing several challenges including demographic change, digital transformation and disruptive innovation. Also, globalised competition is changing both supply and demand.

This means great opportunities for companies, but at the same time presents new and complex challenges. Face market developments head on by recruiting the right specialists for your company. The highly qualified specialists who will fill these new, demanding positions in medical technology will be the key to your business' success.

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For 15 years Hays has been the global market leader in recruitment services. And your added value is that we recruit the medical technology experts you really need!

In order to meet the technological and business requirements of a changing working environment, companies need competent specialists with the appropriate experience in the desired environment. And Hays recruits highly qualified specialists that perfectly suit your needs. As a specialised recruitment services provider, we rely on a proactive approach to recruitment management. That's why we know the specialists you need before you even get in touch with us. We also have an extensive network of contacts with skilled experts and management professionals who might be interested in working with or for your company. Prestigious companies such as Fresenius SE and Drägerwerk already count themselves among our customers.

Our recruitment process is based on personal interviews with prospective candidates and ensures that the strengths and competencies of the candidates are aligned with the needs of your company. This enables us to offer our customers flexible and reliable solutions for filling their vacancies and to provide our candidates with job offers that suit their skills and expertise.

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Shortage of skilled experts – The new norm in medical technology

Most companies have long recognised the existing or imminent shortage of qualified specialists as a significant threat to their business model and growth. This applies not only to medical technology, but also to the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and other areas of the Life Sciences industry. At the same time, the business challenges presented by a globalised economy mean that inappropriate job placements cost companies time and money that can be put to more profitable use elsewhere. Find out more about what we can offer you and benefit from our expertise!

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