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Tax consultants (m/f/d)

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Tax consultants: experts when it comes to fiscal and financial matters

Tax consultants prepare tax returns for companies and individuals. In this context, they act as advisers and are contact persons for tax offices with regard to client-specific matters.

Which opportunities do tax consultants have on the labour market?

Tax consultants are highly sought-after. At the beginning of their career, tax consultants are usually in an employment relationship; later on, with more professional experience, many of them found an own tax consulting company and become self-employed. To advance their careers, qualified tax consultants can obtain additional qualifications to become auditors or specialist consultants.

What are the tasks of tax consultants?

Tax consultants are responsible for all fiscal matters and the communication with tax offices. They prepare tax returns and submit them to the tax office on behalf of their clients. Furthermore, tax consultants perform accounting tasks, review balance sheets, advise clients and recommend tax strategies.

  • Provision of advice regarding tax returns as well as preparation and review of tax documents for clients
  • Provision of advice regarding the development of tax strategies
  • Provision of advice regarding the enforcement of interests as well as representation of clients at tax offices and fiscal courts
  • Provision of advice regarding future investments and company start-ups
  • Support with controlling and financial analysis
  • Fulfilling a trustee’s and mediator’s function

Which hard skills and soft skills should tax consultants have?

In Germany, the profession “tax consultant” is legally protected according to the German Tax Consultancy Act (StBerG). Thus, people who want to start a tax consultant’s career must complete a specific training, e.g. at a university or in the form of an apprenticeship combined with a subsequent additional qualification.

Tax consultants also require certain soft skills.

  • A solution-oriented way of working
  • Accuracy
  • Creativity
  • A good understanding of numbers and an economic way of thinking
  • A high level of personal initiative

What is the average salary of tax consultants?

The starting salary of tax consultants is approximately EUR 40,000 per year. Depending on region, company, professional experience and qualification, their annual salary may rise up to EUR 60,000. Tax consultants owning a tax consulting company may earn even more.