Value-based leadership

A company's success cannot just be gauged by its balance sheet, but rather is based on a sound system of values that gives its employees direction. In particular, due to the growing complexity in the world and in business, people are yearning for a set of guidelines within which they can assume responsibility. Corporate governance based on clear values unites the interests of the individual with those of the business. It creates a base upon which individuals can grow and at the same time optimally employ their skills in the interest of the company. But which values predicate sustainable, long-lasting success in both business and in the lives of individuals?

Anselm Bilgri is a successful speaker, lecturer and author. The focus of this former Benedictine monk is building bridges between philosophy and religion and business and society. As part of Hays Forum 2012, he provided answers to a variety of questions based on specific guidelines derived from the Benedictine Rule.

A summary of the presentation for the Hays-Forum 2012 is available for download (in German only). The files are provided in PDF format for your convenience. Please note that you will need the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® program to open these files on your computer.