What managers should know about their brains

How our brains function has been of central interest to scientists for many years, which is not surprising, as our brains are responsible for all our thoughts and feelings. Every memory, every decision and every feeling is based on the activity of billions of nerve cells. But what does this ever-increasing knowledge about the functioning of our brains mean for how we do business? How do we make decisions - consciously or intuitively? How can we think and work more efficiently? And what role does the brain play in communication, leadership and cooperation in teams?

These questions were answered by the renowned neuroscientist and psychologist Prof. Dr. John-Dylan Haynes. He is W3 professor at the Charité Berlin and director of the Berlin Centre for Advanced Neuroimaging. His research deals with the question of whether thoughts can be read and predicted from brain activity. Special areas of interest include consciousness, intentions and free will. Prof. Haynes' research is often featured in the international media (e.g. CNN, CBS, BBC, Guardian, NZZ, Spiegel and Die Zeit).

A summary of the presentation for the Hays-Forum 2014 is available for download (in German only). The files are provided in PDF format for your convenience. Please note that you will need the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® program to open these files on your computer.