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"Agility & Co. – Between Hype and Reality"

Particularly in the field of digitalisation, there seems to be no end of cure-alls that promise a bright, shiny and well-organised future for businesses. But what are the side effects of these often blanket, one-size-fits-all "solutions"? Are we really helping ourselves by looking for new tools that often only serve to make all the wrong things even "more perfect"? An alternative, however, to this endless and often fruitless search to becoming an agile company is through clever experimentation. Because it's only through these experiments – especially when it comes to organisational and leadership issues – that great opportunities for agility exist.

The "Musterbrecher" are Dirk Osmetz and Stefan Kaduk, both PhD economists, who founded their "Musterbrecher" initiative at the University of the German Armed Forces in 2001 – long before the current wave of lateral thinkers and "outside-the-box" gurus that are so popular today. This impressive duo primarily focus on the question of how to successfully break out of tired, old patterns of action while dealing with operational constraints and inflationary modes of management.

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Interview with the "Musterbrecher" (in German only)

Our past events (2012-2020)


Hays-Forum 2012

Corporate success is based on a well-founded value system that gives people orientation. But which values ensure lasting success in the company and in the lives of individuals? Anselm Bilgri provides answers.

Teams for the future

Hays-Forum 2013

For companies to act successfully in the market, many things must interact and interlock. In his lecture, Prof. Dr Hans-Dieter Hermann shows what is necessary for teams to act successfully.

Neurology & Economy

Hays-Forum 2014

What does the growing understanding of how our brain works mean for our business actions? The well-known brain researcher and psychologist Prof. Dr. John-Dylan Haynes provides interesting insights.

Future images

Hays-Forum 2015

Thomas Sattelberger can look back on almost four decades of experience in management and HR work, marked by upheavals and digitalisation.

Digital transformation

Hays-Forum 2016

Prof. Sonja Sackmann, Ph.D. provides interesting insights from research on digital transformation.

Dynamic teams

Hays-Forum 2017

Success comes when individual performance is combined with teamwork. This results in dynamic teams - in business as in sport. Markus Weise on the parallels between sport and business.


Hays-Forum 2018

An alternative path to an agile company runs through clever experiments - also and especially in organisational and leadership issues. Dirk Osmetz and Stefan Kaduk provide new insights.

Back to work

Hays-Forum 2019

In his keynote speech, Lars Vollmer identifies the phenomenon of failed value creation, which creates suffering for all people involved and could break the neck of many companies in the coming years.

Learning processes

Hays-Forum 2020

Due to the pandemic situation in 2020, the Hays Forum could not take place to the full planned extent. In 2021, the Hays Forum will take place with the same topic as a digital format.