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"Back to Work - How We Still Add Real Value in the Digital World"

In other words: There's far too little actual work being done! Instead, in most companies employees and their bosses spend more than half their time doing jobs that look like work, but simply aren't: standard meetings, annual meetings, budget negotiations, reports, approval procedures, PowerPoint presentations, corporate mission statements, organisational charts and a whole lot more. In short, a lot of stuff that makes people look busy, but doesn't generate any added value, doesn't serve the customer and is thus ultimately only one thing: a waste of time and resources!

In his keynote speech, Lars Vollmer identified this phenomenon, which creates hardship for all those involved, and could be the downfall of many companies over the next few years. He analysed what is going wrong in companies and why it is often the case that the level of responsibility being assumed is not as high as desired or as it is touted to be. He exposed the opponents of real responsibility and how companies stick to practices that, at their core, are a hundred years old, even though companies are operating in 21st-century digital markets.

Born in 1971, Lars Vollmer is the founder of the Intrinsify think tank, the largest German-speaking network for the new world of work and modern corporate governance. He lives in Barcelona, is a passionate jazz pianist and music connoisseur, loves puns, simple, unpretentious design and good coffee.

You can find out more about Lars Vollmer at https://larsvollmer.com/

Interview with Lars Vollmer

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