Due to the pandemic situation in 2020, the Hays Forum could not take place to the full planned extent. In 2021, the Hays Forum will take place with the same topic as a digital format.

The topic of last year's Hays-Forum was "You cannot de-understand - How learning brains outperform Artificial Intelligence"

The human brain is the grandmaster of thought and learning and the most complex structure in the known universe. And yet it still faces a major challenger: artificial intelligence, which can process information even faster, more efficiently and more accurately.

Nevertheless, the brain still has some tricks up its sleeve and can make use of mental secret weapons that make it superior to even these sorts of complex machines. But how does it organise knowledge and information? Why can we unlearn things, but not un-understand them? What concepts can we learn from the brain that can teach us to be more creative ourselves? And what lessons can companies learn from the brain so that they can become more innovative?

Dr. Henning Beck, a neuroscientist and biochemist, takes an exciting look behind the scenes of the most flawed and at the same time most innovative structure in the world – the human brain. It is an object full of weaknesses and yet at the same time more powerful than any form of artificial intelligence. Experience science in an entertaining, practical and vividly descriptive way using current findings from the neurosciences that focus on our daily (work) life so that we can use the brain's own tricks to promote better thinking.

Hays HR-Report 2020

Digitalisation is moving at a fast pace. It is thus important that employees develop their skills at the same pace so that they can keep up and stay employable. This can only be achieved through lifelong learning. But this requires more than just the ability to learn. Equally important is the fundamental willingness of the individual to depart from previously tried and tested methods while learning and develop new ideas.

In this year's HR Report, we have therefore chosen lifelong learning as a focal topic and have empirically investigated the importance of lifelong learning in companies in greater detail. How does it work, how is it organised and which specific methods for learning are explored in the greatest depth? The most important results of the study will be presented to you by our Marketing Director, Frank Schabel, who will open our Hays Forum as usual with his presentation on our HR Report. This year’s title is: “Lifelong learning in companies – Where we are based on the current HR report”.