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A beautiful new world of work? A vision for work, leadership and companies.

We are facing some radical changes. Whether it's a digital transformation with new business models, a change in values with a desire for a better work-life balance and greater participation in the democratic process or upcoming demographic pressure: All of these developments ensure that our organisations and thus our working environments are undergoing massive and lasting change. The driving force behind this new world and how it will look in the future was the focus of the lecture "A beautiful new world of work? A vision for work, leadership and companies" given by the former Telekom executive and HR creative pioneer Thomas Sattelberger at Hays Forum 2015. In his presentation, Mr. Sattelberger outlined the key trends employment must face up to and developed scenarios exploring what these will mean for leadership, organisations and work itself. Following his lecture there was a lively discussion.

Thomas Sattelberger has almost four decades of management and HR experience behind him. After almost 20 years in management with the then Daimler-Benz AG, his career path led him in 1999 to join the Board of Directors of Lufthansa Passage Airline. He was subsequently Director of Human Resources at Continental AG for five years. He also held the same position with Deutsche Telekom AG until May 2012. He is still considered the leading HR manager in Germany and is the CEO of the BDA / BDI initiative "Creating A Mint Future". He is also the spokesman for the initiative "New Quality of Work”, is a fellow of the International Academy of Management and a member of various supervisory and advisory boards.

Interview with Thomas Sattelberger (in German only)
"A beautiful new world of work? A vision for work, leadership and companies."

A summary of the presentation for the Hays-Forum 2015 is available for download (in German only). The files are provided in PDF format for your convenience. Please note that you will need the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® program to open these files on your computer.

Before Mr. Sattelberger's presentation, we presented the results of our current HR report for 2014/2015 "New Avenues of Leadership – Stumbling Blocks and Challenges" for which we surveyed over 600 business decision makers.

HR report 2014/2015. Focus leadership.

You can download the brochure here or order a print version (only available in German).

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Hays-Forum 2015

Thomas Sattelberger can look back on almost four decades of experience in management and HR work, marked by upheavals and digitalisation.

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Due to the pandemic situation in 2020, the Hays Forum could not take place to the full planned extent. In 2021, the Hays Forum will take place with the same topic as a digital format.