"How productive and dynamic teams come into being"

How does productivity develop? What factors act as positive influencers? How do individuals in a team find their roles? How does dynamism develop and evolve within a group? How can personal productivity be maximised? What skills do I need to have in my team? And how are teams guided to success?

Success comes about when individual performance and productivity are a part of teamwork. The resulting positive tension produces dynamic teams that regularly reinvent themselves. This applies just as equally to business as it does to sport.

Markus Weise is a former German national hockey coach who, with the German Women's National Hockey Team, won gold at the Olympic Games in Athens. He went on to repeat this accomplishment two further times with the men's national team. Using his unconventional methods, his teams were selected as "Team of the Year" in 2004 and 2008. Personally, he was honoured as "Coach of the Year" in 2011. If anyone knows how to lead people to excellence and build dynamic teams, it's Markus. In 2015, Weise joined the German Football Association (DFB) as Head of Concept Development so that he could assist in developing the DFB's Football Academy.

Interview with Markus Weise (in German only)