Data Scientist

Are you looking for the right Data Scientist to use in your company?


  • Normally computer science with a concentration in maths


  • extension of the business intelligence specialist
  • statistical data analysis
  • In addition to structured/relational data, he also draws upon a large amount of unstructured data
  • uses principles such as predictive modelling, machine and/or deep learning
  • likes finding answers to questions himself, so a good knowledge of the industry is an advantage
  • presents findings to decision-makers and these, as a rule, have direct consequences on the business or on the business model of the organisation

Operating systems

  • Programming languages: e.g. Python, Java, Julia, R, SQL, Scala, Ruby, GO, Clojure
  • Tools (e.g. SPSS, QlikView, Hadoop, MongoDB, Hive, Spark, SAS, MATLAB….)