My contact persons
in the field of retail

  • Maren Zeitler,
  • Mannheim office
  • Region: All of Germany
Maren Zeitler
Manager of Candidate Relations
Maren Zeitler

After successfully completing my vocational training in tourism, I focused on the recruitment and supervision of trainees and interns in addition to supporting and advising various clients. I was also responsible for managing my company's social media presence. In order to deepen my knowledge and experience, I decided to pursue further studies in international personnel management (Bachelor of Arts). During this time I continued to work in my above position while also studying for one semester in Taiwan.

In 2017, I joined the Retail division of Hays and since then, in my role as Manager of Candidate Relations, I have been in charge of technical and executive staff, specialising mainly in e-Commerce and online marketing. I also act as a point of contact for the fields of Logistics, Purchasing, Sales and Expansion in addition to other areas.

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